There is an old saying that says, “Identify a problem, offer a real solution then, an opportunity will appear.”

The Problems Were Multiple:

  • Many pet owners have not been introduced to pet products that offer good, healthy nutrition for their pets and have not been educated properly to really look at what is in the foods and treats that they are currently providing
  • Many pet owners have not been introduced to immune boosting supplements for their pets that will naturally help to defend pets against the simplest ailment, to the most life-threatening ones
  • Many pet owners are tired of paying top dollar for pet food, treats and toys that they purchase from brick and mortar and online retailers
  • People love their pets as much as they love their families. Everyone dreams about making money doing what they love, but not everyone is able to make that happen

The Solution

PetClub 247. Our company was created for a really good reason; to solve the problems mentioned above. And we have. At PetClub 247, we help educate pet owners on what to look for when selecting food, treats and toy choices for their pets. We offer those good, wholesome and healthy choices for pet food, treats and toys. We offer one of the most sought after immune building supplements for humans and pets offered on the market today….we are creating a unique Social Media platform for us pet lovers to share pet stories, photos, videos, earn prizes for various pet contests, help with pet adoptions, learn about nutrition and training….and…. We’ve created a way for people to make money in the pet industry simply by making a quick referral of our products to their friends and family when they purchase our product. It’s that simple! You can even choose at which level you may want to participate in…. Do it for fun…. Make a part time income….Or make a full time income if you want. The choice is yours!

Headquartered in Irvine, California, our company was started by a reputable team of successful businesspeople and professional networkers who have a strong and clean history of success of starting and maintaining successful business ventures.

Consider our products for your purchase. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee offered to insure your complete satisfaction. Here is an overview of PetClub 247 product offerings:

You will find our prices competitive and our products at the highest level of quality. And, if you’d like to learn more about the opportunity attached to our company, click HERE.

Furthermore, a portion of our profits will be going to organizations like Rescue+Freedom Project that support the welfare of our pets. You may also donate directly at: